Tony Abruzzo

Tony Abruzzo

Tony Abruzzo is a retired Arizona Lawyer who resides with his wife in Tucson. He has two daughters and three grandsons. He graduated from Dartmouth College and the University of Arizona College of Law. He served as an army sergeant in the infantry in Vietnam.

the wing man



As a soldier in Vietnam, as an Arizona attorney, and throughout his entire tumultuous life unitl his brutal end, Ben Russo challenged and survived all kinds of challenges; Vietcong booby traps, international sex traffickers of Asian women, vicious murderers of a young, bi-polar female client, the deadly shooting of his client's son and pregnant girlfriend, and the unwarranted prosecution fo a man suffering from traumatic brain injury charged with the vehicular manslaughter of two men.

But from his childhood until his ultimate death, Ben was never alone. He had an energy, a presence, a guardian angel, a Wing Man, that only he could sense or see, who enabled him to survive situations that normally would have resulted in his demise. This Wing Man made it possible for him to combat evil. Even as Ben gasped his last breath, his Wing Man was present as he began his journey from earth to the heavenly kingdom he sought all his life. His soul would follow the Wing Man into paradise.

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